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User Name: Sven_TPOA_SWA_737
Full Name: Sven_TPOA_SWA_737
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Bio: Hi, I'm Sven. I.. uhhh... like to fly planes, like the Beechcraft Baron on my flight simulator, I'm 13, love Marsxplr, computers, planes, and wakeboarding. I have some friends on Marsxplr like Cal, Smek, Etah, BeefyD, Cre, Ari, and Ectoshock, AE, Ty, Urk, Moon, Alex, kruncher, Ender, Yoshi, Mariko, Lopo, Evan, AppleSky, Ericjuclan, Achilles, Moon, Cesca, and you cant forget Dogwalker :)... I love this game, it rules! But yeah, I usually get mixed replies from my posts.. I'm thinking of creating a world, but that mught not happen. I have dirty blond hair, sorta light brown. I'm like four foot six or eight, I forgot, lol. I have hazel eyes. I'm the shortest kid in my class. I have sorta tan skin. I'm proud to be Hawaiian, French, And Norwegian. If anyone likes planes, they can talk to me, cause planes are my specialty, well civil planes.I do track and swimteam. I also like cruise ships like the Freedom of the seas. The groups that I am in are ACC, TPOA, The Colorshocks, Robisniper, AAGF and TTG. Hope to see you around sometime. :)

Yeah. Hope to see you around when I come back to mars.
Isoci is my social networking site.

Have a good day on Mars or Plexpedia.


My theme song: Holocene

I created a group for Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/groups/306240742776992/

Here's another :D http://www.facebook.com/groups/310906872307388/
Registration Date: 2011/04/25 - 5:11 GMT
Location: California
Last Date: 2017/02/02 - 6:05 GMT
Hits: 26111
Visits: 168
Time: 5 days, 1 hour, 40 minutes

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