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AAGF started in November 15, 2010 by me (American Explorer). It has many members. It is a Christian based group and we have some rules.
1. No swearing
2. Respect AAGF members and members of the community
3. Help out noobs(let them know about Mars Explorer)
4. Help struggling people.
I am the founder of AAGF (American Explorer.)
I'm a Christian and try to encourage people with things. I/we try to have fun while helping the community out. I love Mars Explorer and try to play it often!! AAGF has different clubs outside "The Club" which is the Buggy, Jet, Hover, and Tank battalions. We have fun and like to do lots of things. I like to just hang out with fellow members and chat with them. AAGF has private and public games. I just want people to feel welcome to Mars Explorer. So I love this group and mars explorer and I really like my friends!! As leader, I like to make people comfortable in the Mars world. I like lots of members. If you are interested in joining just PM me or find me playing and I can put you on the list. I CANNOT except members with inappropriate names. Thank You and Welcome to "The World of AAGF."
Yours Truly,


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